Courage on Little Round Top

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Lawrence turned back to the center of the line. “Bayonet!” He cried out. A yell went up and down the right flank, along with the clanking of metal as the men fixed their bayonets to the ends of their rifles. Lawrence held his sword high in the air. “Charge!” and God help us all.

Through the trees Robert could see something was terribly wrong. To his right, men were running to the rear. Some threw down their weapons. Pop, pop, pop. There was gunfire coming from the rear of the right flank.  Flashes of blue seemed to steak through the trees. He didn’t want to believe it, but it was true. The Yankees were charging.

Relief swept over Lawrence. The Rebels were running. Gunfire from the left caught him by surprise. At first he thought maybe they were counterattacking, then it dawned on him. It must be Company B.

He caught his foot on a rock and stumbled. He quickly regained his balance then he ducked under a tree branch and dodged around another. He jumped over a small boulder, then righted himself. Thirty yards ahead was a rebel officer. Lawrence fixed on the officer’s eyes. They had a strange almost haunted look. Lawrence was surprised and alarmed when the man didn’t turn away.  He watched as the man brought up his pistol. His hands and arms shook as he tried to take aim.  Lawrence had too much momentum. He couldn’t stop. He couldn’t turn away. His eyes fixed on the pistol. He could see the man pull the trigger. They were only ten yards apart. There was no way the Rebel could miss him. Good-bye Fanny.



Publication Reviews

Readers who enjoyed the scope of “The Killer Angels” and the power of “The Red Badge of Courage” will find that “Courage on Little Round Top” combines some features of both.”

Thomas Ryan, Washington Times Review.

“The battle scenes, the historical events of Little Round Top and Gettysburg, and the 19th century vocabulary all ring true. It is a refreshing retelling of a saga that will be enjoyed by battle buffs as well as those who delight in historical fiction.”

John R. Vallely, Historical Novel Society

Reader Reviews

It was extremely interesting to read about both sides to the defense of Little Round Top. I had seen the movie Gettysburg, but this gave a more thorough view of it. I couldn’t put the book down. It was well worth reading

Excellent book on the battle at Gettysburg. If you’ve read Shara’s Killer Angels or seen the movie, Gettysburg, This book makes it much more personal….

A wonderful book that does a tremendous job of putting you there. The details about tactics and equipment were very interesting and you appreciate how tremendously difficult it must have been to have served during the ACW. Highly recommended for military history buffs.

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