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Restoring Ball’s Bluff Battlefield

I have heard from a guide at Gettysburg that the tree lines at Ball’s Bluff Battlefield are being adjusted back to what they were at the time of the battle.  I was there several years ago and didn’t take any photographs.  Like Cold Harbor the trees were allowed to fill in the entire battlefield making […]

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Changes to website

I have finished my new opening page of Gettysburg using Word Press.  I would appreciate some feedback on the new page. Also, I am going to be heading east to update my photo galleries, I am curious if you know of some battlefields that I don’t have on my site that you would like […]

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Word Press and me

While I am pleased to get traffic from around the world, my website hasn’t grown as I had hoped. So it was time for a new site. I talked to some designers and they suggested a Word Press site. I did some research, thought I might be able to do it myself. The verdict is […]

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Starting over with Word Press

I am learning and making mistakes using Word Press.  I have installed and installed it twice.  Hopefully, I am over that now. My goal is to move all my websites to Word Press sites.  It would be easier to hire someone, but money is tight so I am learning.  We will see how it goes. […]

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